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Dreamten is a small creative boutique of passionate problem solvers & thinkers. We deliver solutions through beautiful, timeless design & thoughtfully crafted code. Our mission is to uncover the best answers to real problems for real companies, real organizations, and real people.
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BOOM!Health is a cutting edge facility offering a full spectrum of healthcare and social services to the New York City region, particularly to highly marginalized populations including homeless, drug users, and other unique populations. BOOM!Health contacted Dreamten in search of a memorable brand and website to reflect their mission, high quality services, and to position themselves as a cutting edge model for healthcare across the nation.

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BOOM!Health wanted a simple, evocative, and memorable brand that would communicate its cutting edge service model and care for its participants. This was achieved with a simple, bold, and effective mark and color system that was loved by all 120+ staff.

Design, Development, Strategy

We designed, developed, and provided the content strategy for the complete BOOM!Health website built on the new cutting edge Craft CMS that features a responsive design, secure online donation system, employee managed blog, and more. Launching in late 2013.

Mobile App

Dreamten designed and developed an iOS app for BOOM!Health, allowing users to learn more about their services, request services directly from the phone (using GPS), locate and find the nearest help center, and donate directly from their iOS device.

ENDORSE.ME is a platform that allows students and employers connect and share confidential information, helping businesses choose the most qualified candidates based on objective, confidential reviews. Dreamten was responsible for front end design for the website, brand, web app, and mobile sites, as well as general business consulting & strategy.

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Branding requested a brand that had a professional, tech feel, that could be easily ported to the website, app, and mobile site. We went a wordmark and unique color scheme that was instantly loved by the client.

Web & UX Design

Dreamten designed all of the screens for both the marketing site, web app, and mobile app. The result is a clean, modern, intuitive interface that has helped jump start the ventures success.


We had a number of strategy conversations with the owners on how to best communicate the value of in a visual and easy to understand way, and how to position itself as a unique, innovative product and web app.


Professional Analysis, Inc. is a small, veteran owned business serving a variety of government clients including the US Navy, US Army, and US Coast Guard, with offices all over the US. They have been growing steadily, from a small 5 employees in 2005 to over 70 in 2013. PAI recognized the need for a remarkable brand and website to continue its growth and success, and worked closely with Dreamten to execute that vision.


Dreamten worked closely with PAI management to develop a brand that was professional, forward thinking, and made reference to water, as much of PAI’s work involves Navy ships. The result is a beautiful identity has been carefully applied on their website, print materials, signage, and letterheads.


The primary goals for the web redesign was to position PAI as an innovative leader in the government contracting space, to win new business, and to recruit new talent. We leveraged the Navy’s public photo archive to select images that ultimately represents the work PAI helps support.


The website was features a career section and company intranet. The careers section was built using a sortable and paginated table, and feeds job postings to Indeed via RSS. A company intranet was built with a document upload center, company calendar, and new employee sign up process.

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Our goal is to delight customers and users with beautiful, functional, and purposeful solutions.
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Yes, we work with CSS3, Frameworks, Modrnizr… None of these matter without purpose. The real question is, how can we leverage these technologies to resonate with your audience? How can we help you make a difference? How can we help you succeed?


Our unyielding passion for beautiful design and experiences that delight the consumer make us a great fit for those who believe in what they do. We love working with passionate clients who want to share their passion with others.


As the saying goes, genius is 1% inspiration, 99% perspiration. Creative thinking and hard work don’t typically go hand in hand, but that’s where we set ourselves apart. Real artists ship.

A Few of Our Clients

  • AIDS United
  • American Institutes for Research
  • AT&T
  • BOOM!Health
  • Endorse.Me
  • Kastle Systems
  • Microsoft
  • US Navy
  • United Way
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Frequently Asked Questions

We're often asked the same questions by prospective clients, so we decided to put this FAQ together for anyone considering working with us.

Do you accept all projects that come your way?

Unfortunately, due to the overwhelming volume of requests, we’ve been forced to be very selective about the projects we accept, as demand is high and supply is limited. If we don’t believe we’re a good fit for a project, we’ll be honest and upfront about it, and often times we have other trusted companies in our network we can refer you to.

Do you have a minimum project budget?

As a general rule, we typically don’t consider projects that are less than $10,000. Great design doesn’t just happen -- it's an iterative process that requires an investment of time and a great deal of thought. Smaller budget projects make it difficult to devote the adequate amount of time and energy required to produce great work. Quality is our business model.

Do you have an ideal client?

We have a knack for and experience working with web startups and non profits who are passionate about their work and believe in their mission. If a client isn't passionate about their product or service, it’s going to be hard for us to be passionate, and it will almost assuredly reflect in the work, since our creativity is fueled by passion and inspiration. We love working with clients who share our love for design and understand the importance and value of the web. Having an appreciation for design and it’s value is extremely important, as design is at the core of everything we do. Being well organized and respectful of our time helps too.

I don’t know exactly what I’m looking for.

Clients who are super detailed and organized are great, but we also love consulting clients and helping them discover their needs when the answer isn’t clear. We’ve been at this for so long that we usually have a very good sense of requirements after a quick phone call.

What is your ideal project?

Websites and branding are our bread and butter, and we particularly love projects that combine both. Projects that require beautiful, clean, and functional design are always up our alley.

How long will my project take?

It depends on a variety of factors, as no two projects are identical. Depending on the scope and volume of work, these are some very general guidelines for project duration:

  • Branding Projects: 1 to 2 months
  • Websites: 2 to 6 months
  • App Design: 1 to 3 months

Do you offer maintenance and ongoing support?

Maintenance is offered only on projects we have developed from the start, as we don’t maintain work created by other vendors. Services for maintenance are purchased in blocks of time with minimum amounts, or on a retainer basis.

Mac or PC?

We love Apple, 'nuff said.

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