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Announcing GiveForms - Beautifully Simple Giving

Jan 03, 2018 / By Philip Lester

Over the past decade, Dreamten has worked with dozens of nonprofit organizations who all needed a high converting, simple, and beautiful giving form to help raise money.

We evaluated products in the market but they were flawed. Either the design of the forms had a poor experience or the products were unsustainably expensive. Building a custom solution was often the best route, but this took time and required significant upfront investment.

To fill this void, I decided to create GiveForms—a beautiful, simple, and affordable donation form that anyone can setup in just a few minutes. We’ve taken our decade of experience building frictionless, high converting forms, and built these practices into the experience.

Now any non-profit can have a beautiful online giving experience that helps your cause. All you need is a Stripe account to get started.  Learn more at giveforms.com.