Grow your business through an expert design audit of your user experience from seasoned design and UX experts.

Download an example audit $1,499

$99 upfront, $1,400 upon completion
1 week turnaround

We’re here to help optimize the UX of your app or website.

Even the best designed app or website can find ways to optimize user flow and reduce churn. So whether you need a second set of eyes before you go live, or want to understand why users keep dropping off at the same page, Wayfinder goes well beyond “best practices” to ensure your users receive a well-crafted, frictionless experience.

  • Improve Conversion Rates & Signups

  • Reduce Factors Causing Churn

  • Improve Customer Satisfaction

  • Simplify & Streamline Your Interface

  • Clarify Interface Writing

We audited the UX of FilterEasy’s checkout funnel. Here’s the month-after results they saw after implementing our suggestions.

17.2% Increase in Conversion Rates

9.7% Increase in Average Order Value

“The suggestions you made had a profound impact. Our checkout process is 10x better thanks to the advice you’ve given us.” James Fredley, CMO, FilterEasy

We worked with Craft CMS founder Brandon Kelly to redesign craftcms.com, craftcommerce.com and numerous sections of both websites.

106% Increase in Monthly Conversions after Launch

“We love working with Dreamten. Their design work is stellar, and their insights and strategic thinking have been invaluable.” Brandon Kelly, CEO, Craft CMS

How it Works

We approach your business with fresh eyes and give you actionable results that your team can implement immediately. Our process involves three simple steps:


We start with a conversation about your product, business objectives, target users and desired results so we can understand the optimal path for your users.


Our team will dive into your existing app or website, harnessing our years of knowledge to find insightful ways to optimize the user experience.


During an in-depth walkthrough our team will highlight everything we discovered. We’ll also leave you with a prioritized matrix to guide your team moving forward.

What You Receive

One-On-One With Our Founder

We’ll set up a web conference to walk you through our findings and discuss our suggestions for improvement and optimization.

An Actionable, Prioritized Matrix

We use the 80/20 rule to discover the smallest changes that will result in the biggest impact, so you can begin to move the needle right away.

Visual Experience Walkthrough

We go through an annotated version of your current experience where we highlight key opportunities for improvements to your user experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are there any limitations on the design audit?

    Audits are limited to up to 5 screens for desktop/tablet/mobile. We’re available and willing to do more than this, but the price would be adjusted based on the increased number of screens.

  • Does Wayfinder include design work?

    Wayfinder does not involve any actual design work, though we'll usually provide URLs to examples, competing products, and ideas on how a particular part of your app or feature can be designed.

  • How does payment work?

    A $99 payment is required to schedule the initial kickoff call. The final $1,400 payment is due upon completion and can be paid via credit card or ACH.

  • How quickly can you turn this around?

    Wayfinder is delivered within 5 days of the initial kickoff call.

Ready to Start?

Let us help you optimize your user experience and grow your business.

Download an example audit $1,499

$99 upfront, $1,400 upon completion
1 week turnaround