Dreamten is a product design studio that helps ambitious brands craft amazing digital products.

At Dreamten there are no account execs, salespeople, or layers of middle management. When you engage with us, you get a tightly knit, experienced team of senior designers and developers who think deeply about solving problems with the best possible solutions.
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Our Process

We forgo big reveals in favor of a collaborative process with open and honest communication. Throughout the process, you’ll know exactly where things stand and where they’re headed. Our approach varies slightly from project to project, but the following high level points remain constant.

  • Learn & Understand

    Before building anything, we want to learn as much as we can and ask a ton of questions. We’ll dig through pitch decks, analytics, and anything we can get our hands on. The best solutions are discovered when you understand a problem from every angle.

  • Design & Prototype

    We send wireframes, drafts, and concepts early on to ensure we head down the right path. We’ll incorporate feedback, try various ideas and continuously iterate to reach the best design solution possible.

  • Build & Deploy

    We'll give you access to a staging server and private Git repo, so you'll be able to see real-time progress as your product takes shape.

  • Iterate & Improve

    No worthwhile product ever stays at version 1.0. We’ll gather user feedback and study analytics to refine a product over time. We believe continuous iteration results in the best overall end product and these ongoing relationships are the ones we’re most excited about.

The Team

18 months

We’re not a one-and-done project shop. In fact, our average customer relationship lasts over 18 months. Customers who start working with us stay over the long haul.

10 children

The families of our team members have a combined 10 children.

46 years

There’s more than 46 years combined experience across our team of 5.

5 cities

We are a 100% remote team spread across 5 cities and 2 continents.

est. 2001

Dreamten has humble beginnings in 2001 as an on-the-side freelance design business.


We have a 100% repeat business rate with our customers. Those who engage with us a first time always come back for more.